5.4.13 Time Limits on Reporting

adopted: Feb-2021
last revised: Feb-2021

There is no time limitation on providing notice/complaints to the Title IX Coordinator. However, if the Respondent is no longer subject to Richland’s jurisdiction and/or significant time has passed, the ability to investigate, respond, and/or provide remedies may be more limited or impossible.

Acting on notice/complaints significantly impacted by the passage of time (including, but not limited to, the rescission or revision of policy) is at the discretion of the Title IX Coordinator, who may document allegations for future reference, offer supportive measures and/or remedies, and/or engage in informal or formal action, as appropriate.

Typically, this Policy is only applied to incidents that occurred after August 14, 2020. For incidents that occurred prior to August 14, 2020, previous versions of this Policy will apply. Those versions are available from the Title IX Coordinator.