5.4.11 Retaliation

adopted: Feb-2021
last revised: Feb-2021

Richland prohibits retaliation against a person who in good faith believes they have been subjected to an act of sexual discrimination or harassment or because they have in good faith made a charge, filed a complaint, testified, assisted, or participated in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing regarding sexual discrimination or harassment.

Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, any form of intimidation, reprisal, or harassment. If any employee or student believes that he or she has been retaliated against for exercising personal rights under this policy, the employee or student should immediately report such conduct using the complaint procedure outlined on the College website or in the Student Success Center. Employees and students are not required to approach the person who is exhibiting the alleged retaliatory behavior. A person engaging in retaliatory conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge or dismissal.