5.18 Official College Sponsored Social Media

adopted: Sep-2012
last revised: Sep-2012

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of Richland Community College to acknowledge that social media plays an important role in the lives of the community, students, faculty, and staff. Richland Community College will maintain official social media sites to support the College in accomplishing its mission and vision, achieving its goals and objectives, and advancing the College’s Core Values.

The President or designees shall be responsible for disseminating public information about the College through the use of official College sponsored social media.

Richland Community College encourages feedback and comments from our followers, which include prospective students, current students, alumni, staff and members of the community. We remain committed to maintaining these sites as a safe and family-friendly forum for sharing information.

In the spirit of maintaining a positive environment to our site visitors, Richland Community College reserves the right to remove any comments or wall postings from official college-sponsored pages that are inappropriate, inflammatory or damaging to Richland Community College or any individual.