4.6.1 Grading Designations

adopted: Jun-1996
last revised: May-2021

The following grade designations are used at Richland to represent the student's level of performance in courses or to document credits earned from an external source:

ASuperior or excellent
BVery good or above average
CGood or average
DBarely passing or below average
FFailure or unsatisfactory
AUAudit (For more information, see “Auditing a Course” in this section.)
CR/XCompleted course requirements or did not complete course requirements. CR/X grades are applicable for vocational skill courses and adult education courses
IIncomplete. All course work must be finished by the end of each term unless the instructor agrees in writing to a specified grace period no longer than 60 days after the end of the term. Failure to complete course work within the 60-day grace period will result in the grade the student would earn without having all course work completed. Grade of “W” or “AU” is not allowed
P/FPass/Fail for selected courses to be determined by faculty and the Dean of a division with the approval of the Academic Standards Committee. Pass/Fail grading will not be used for courses in a degree sequence or for transfer courses
ACCredit awarded through advanced course
APCredit awarded through Advanced Placement
CECredit awarded through proficiency exam
CLCredit awarded through CLEP exam
DACredit awarded through DSST exam
IBCredit awarded through International Baccalaureate Program
JOCredit awarded through Journeyman Card
LICredit awarded through licensure
PTCredit awarded through professional training
POCredit awarded through portfolio