4.1.3 Admission to a Program of Study

adopted: Jun-1998
last revised: Mar-2019

Each program of study (for example, Nursing, Accounting, Associate in Arts in Teaching, etc.) has specific requirements for admission. These requirements are based on the student's previous education, work experience, and levels of achievement.

Information that may be used in admission to a program includes:

  • A transcript of the student’s high school and college records. The student should request a transcript from the school(s) to be sent to the Records Office at Richland.
  • Test scores. Richland uses either the ACT or the SAT. Other comparable test results may be submitted if approved by appropriate Richland staff.
  • Application and personal interview, including related experiences since leaving school or college.

Students may be provisionally admitted to a program, even though they fail to meet all the requirements. Students provisionally admitted may be required to enroll in developmental courses, take a reduced load, complete further testing, and/or receive career counseling.

Similar procedures may also be applied to students enrolling in individual courses only.