4.18.3 Financial Aid Appeal

adopted: Jun-1995
last revised: Nov-2018

Students who are placed on Financial Aid Suspension may request an appeal. Students wishing to appeal will complete a Financial Aid Appeal Form and include an explanation of the mitigating circumstances that caused or contributed to the student’s inability to meet SAP standards along with documentation to support the explanation.

Students who are placed on Financial Aid Suspension for meeting the maximum credit hours standard can also appeal using the Financial Aid Appeal Form.

Students who appeal successfully on placed on Financial Aid Probation. Students on Probation must maintain a 2.0 semester GPA, 100% semester completion rate, and only take courses that count towards their degree. Progress will be reviewed each semester. Students who meet those requirements may be placed on Continued Probation until they meet SAP standards or complete their degree. Students who fail to meet those standards will return to Financial Aid Suspension status.

Once a student has met the SAP standards they will be notified via Richland email that they have returned to good standing.

Regaining Eligibility

A student who has been on financial aid suspension can regain eligibility through the appeal process or by returning to SAP standards through improving their GPA and completion rate. The SAP standards that bring a student back to good standing are the same as the standards listed above to remain in good standing.