4.17 Student Engagement Program

adopted: Nov-1995
last revised: May-2015

The Student Engagement program enhances the educational experiences of students through exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and governance programs designed to reflect the needs of a diverse student body.

This program may include academic support services and activities, diversity training for students and staff, government, student publications, social activities, intramurals, clubs, organizations, cultural and fine arts programs, forensics, and any other activities which have value for students and the College. Further, any fundraising activities of the program shall be accessible to College students, staff, and District citizens as individuals, and as such are not intended to compete with or supply to private enterprise.

The Student Engagement programs are funded by a portion of Student Academic/Technology fees. The Student Government Association is authorized to allocate funds subject to established guidelines.

Activities supported by Student Engagement fees must be open to all Richland students.

Academic/Technology fees money cannot be used as a contribution to an outside group, church, political party, etc., or inside organization for individual student use.

Any misuse or fraudulent use of funds is grounds for termination of future funding.