4.15.1 Statement of Student Rights

adopted: Apr-1998
last revised: May-2015

As members of Richland’s learning community, students are entitled to certain rights and provisions, to include a quality education and quality services. In addition, students have the right to know:

  • The College's admissions requirements
  • The degrees and certificates offered
  • The types of career and personal development resources available
  • When classes are offered
  • Course requirements
  • Policy on class attendance and participation
  • Grading policies and procedures
  • The cost of attendance
  • Financial aid and veterans’ educational benefits available
  • How financial aid eligibility is determined
  • How financial aid awards are calculated
  • When financial aid is awarded
  • The College and financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements and their implications
  • The College's refund policy
  • The College policies and procedures
  • The academic and other support services available
  • Student activities available
  • The campus' crime statistics
  • Graduation rates
  • Job placement rates
  • Emergency procedures
  • Building hours
  • College operational hours
  • How to file a grievance