4.10.2 Charge-Backs

adopted: Oct-2003
last revised: Aug-2010

Residents of Richland Community College’s District who choose to pursue a program of study that is not offered by Richland at another Illinois public community college may be eligible for a charge-back. If a charge-back is approved by the Richland Board of Trustees, the College will pay an out-of-district fee prescribed by the other College. Charge-backs may not be approved for an individual course.

If Richland has a cooperative agreement with another college for the program of study for which the student is requesting a charge-back, the College may not approve a charge-back request.

Applications for charge-back must be completed and submitted to the Vice President of Academic Services no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of each academic year the student is attending the other community college, regardless of any prior year’s approval. Charge-backs may not be approved retroactive to the time of application.