3.9.2 Staff Emeritus

adopted: Jul-2012
last revised: Jul-2012

The Board of Trustees recognizes that certain staff have demonstrated exemplary service over the course of their careers at Richland Community College. Such service is generally rewarded through awards and methods of recognition. In those cases where the staff member’s service and contributions to the College have been particularly meritorious and significant, a staff member may be eligible for appointment to Staff Emeritus following retirement.

Bestowal of Staff Emeritus is recognition of the value the College places on the experience, knowledge, and ability of its retiring/retired staff. To encourage retiring/retired staff to remain a part of the College, to maintain their professional identity, and to continue to be productive members of the College community, Staff Emeritus shall be awarded to retiring/retired staff who meet the criteria established in the College’s Procedures for the Awarding of Staff Emeritus.