3.8.5 Requesting an Accommodation

adopted: Jan-1980
last revised: Nov-2011

An employee who requires a reasonable accommodation for a disability, due to pregnancy, childbirth or a related condition, for religious reasons, or for any other reason provided by applicable law, should promptly bring the matter to the attention of the Director Human Resources. The College may require the employee to provide documentation or information supporting the request. If the employee seeks an accommodation due to a medical condition, the College may also require him or her to be evaluated by a health care provider designated by the College. If an accommodation is needed, the College will work with the employee to determine what accommodation is appropriate. The College is generally not required to provide an accommodation that would result in an undue hardship for the College. Additionally, even where the College is required to provide a reasonable accommodation, it is not obligated to provide the specific accommodation that an employee requests if another accommodation would also be effective.

Employees who are granted reasonable accommodations will generally be required to perform all essential job functions and to meet the same performance standards and expectations with respect to those job functions as required of similarly situated employees, unless otherwise provided by applicable law.