Non-Credit Classes

adopted: Apr-2001
last revised: Nov-2011

Richland Community College will waive fees for non-credit classes for full-time employees, their spouses (if individual is residing with the employee, party to a civil union (if individual is residing with the employee), and dependent children (as qualified under the Internal Revenue Code), if all the following conditions are met:

  • The non-credit course must be exclusively sponsored by Richland Community College, with no shared revenues with third-party organizations or institutions.
  • Enrollment of paid students in the course must be sufficient to cover all costs including the instructor's salary, advertising costs, materials, supplies, etc.
  • Enrollment must not exceed maximum class size.

Individuals who meet the waiver requirements listed above will be required to pay for textbooks, handouts, or supplies associated with the courses which are not included in the course's tuition.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) classes are exempt from employee tuition waivers.