Other Leaves

adopted: May-1990
last revised: Nov-2008

An employee may request a leave without pay in special circumstances that are not covered by the College's other leave policies. If approved, the College will maintain the employee's individual insurance coverage (medical, life, AD&D, and Ltd) for six months. Employees wishing to insure themselves and/or their dependents may continue the coverage by submitting their share of the premium to the College on a monthly basis for transmittal to the insurance company. Health insurance will be provided under the conditions coverage would have been provided if the employee had been continuously and actively employed. Richland will recover the premiums it has paid for maintaining the insurance coverage if the employee does not return to work after the leave has expired. Consistent with College policy regarding all types of leave, employees on unpaid leave will not continue to accrue seniority, paid vacation/sick leave, or other benefits during the period covered by the leave. In addition, employees will not be paid for holidays during the leave.

Employees who elect to take a leave under this provision are not assured of placement in the same position when they return to the College; however, every effort will be made to assign the employee to a comparable position for which the individual is qualified when openings become available.

The leave must be approved by the College President. The leave may not exceed a period of one year.