Professional Leave

adopted: Sept-1990
last revised: Nov-2008

Professional leave is defined as released time from duties for the purpose of increasing a staff member's professional efficiency and usefulness to the College.

Paid (fully or partially) or unpaid professional leaves may be granted for a year or less by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of study, research, or such other reasons as might contribute to the professional growth of staff members and improve the programs and operations of the College.

A specific amount of money may be approved in the annual budget by the Board of Trustees to fund paid professional leaves.

Staff members are eligible for a professional leave after six (6) years of full-time employment at the College. No more than two (2) faculty and two (2) staff members may be granted a professional leave in any one (1) year. Staff members granted such a leave will be eligible again after three (3) additional years of full-time employment at the College.

Paid or unpaid professional leaves may be recommended for a period of one (1) month to one (1) year in duration. A paid leave of six (6) months or less will be compensated at one hundred percent (100%) and a paid leave for a period in excess of six (6) months will be compensated at fifty percent (50%). Paid leaves will not preclude the acceptance of other monies that support the purpose of the leave, subject to the approval of the Leave Committee appointed by the President.

Individuals granted a paid professional leave shall retain all benefits as if they were in regular service at the College.

Requests for expenditures of monies from the fund shall be administered by a Leave Committee representing the administrative, professional/technical, and secretarial/clerical personnel appointed by the President.

Applications for professional leave must be submitted to immediate supervisors or vice president, where applicable, by February 1 preceding the fiscal year in which the leave is desired. The staff member's absence from the College must not unduly disrupt normal operations at the College, nor should replacing the staff member (if appropriate) create a problem for the College either during the employee's leave or upon his or her return.

A staff member taking a professional leave must agree in writing to return to regular full-time employment at the College for a minimum of two (2) years following the leave period. If the person taking the leave fails to meet this condition, he or she must repay all compensation received from the College during the leave period unless waived by the Board of Trustees.