≈≈ No Cache ≈≈ 3.5.13 Flexible Work Schedule adopted: Jan-2023

Richland Community College recognizes that there may be situations where flexible work arrangements are appropriate. Flexible work arrangements offer alternative approaches to getting work done through non-traditional work hours, locations, and/or job structures. They offer full-time employees (excluding full-time faculty members) creative approaches to completing work while promoting balance between work and personal commitments. Any flexible work arrangement must ensure the College can continue to offer students a high level of service while simultaneously supporting and maintaining a cohesive workplace.

Typical flexible work options include flextime (i.e., flexible start, stop, and lunch times), flexplace (i.e., work away from the office, typically at home), compressed work schedule (i.e., condensing standard work week hours into fewer days), and part-time and job-sharing assignments (i.e., less than full-time work either for a reduced assignment or a shared one). These arrangements must support the department's goals and must be approved by the supervisor.

While on a flexible work arrangement, employees remain obligated to comply with all College rules, policies, procedures, and terms of the flexible work arrangement. If, for any reason, the flexible work arrangement is terminated and an employee decides not to return to their former traditional work schedule/arrangement and to leave the position, the employee will be considered as having resigned and will be terminated.