3.4.1 Faculty Promotion in Rank

adopted: May-1990
last revised: Nov-2008

Richland Community College is dedicated to supporting the professional growth and success of its faculty. Progression in academic rank is awarded to faculty members who achieve excellence in work that directly benefits students.

Promotion in rank will be granted to full-time faculty members who achieve levels of excellence described in the “Criteria for Promotion” and who are approved by the Board of Trustees.

Integral elements of the promotion system include the following: faculty initiative, a broadly-based process of recommendation that relies on significant input from students, faculty, and administrators, a final decision by the Board of Trustees, and the right to appeal at various points in the process.

The progression of academic ranks (from lowest to highest) in the promotion system is as follows:

  1. Instructor
  2. Assistant Professor
  3. Associate Professor
  4. Professor

(Per the policy regarding Initial Placement, note that initial placement can be at any of the listed ranks.)

The process of faculty promotion will be consistent among divisions and other units of the College. Promotion signifies the faculty member’s movement from one rank to the immediately succeeding rank. The faculty member is eligible for the next succeeding rank only. Promotion will not occur until the faculty member has achieved tenure at Richland Community College. The Board of Trustees authorizes and delegates to the President of the College the authority to develop procedures to administer this program.