3.1.8 Return to Work SURS Annuitants

adopted: Jan-2016
last revised: Jan-2016

The College will not employ, re-employ, hire, offer an employment contract, or otherwise create an employment relationship for any individual defined as an “Affected Annuitant”, under 40 ILCS 5/15-139.5. It shall be the individual’s duty and responsibility to inform the College prior to hiring that they are receiving an annuity as the result of employment by a SURS or SURS reciprocal covered employer. Failure to notify the College of this information will be grounds for immediate termination.

Earnings Limitations for SURS Annuitants:
A SURS annuitant is subject to earnings limitations. SURS Traditional and Portable Plan annuitants returning to work at the College must immediately notify the Human Resources Office and SURS of their intent to return to work prior to hire. The earnings limitations defined by legislation, Administrative Rule, or SURS shall be complied with and the College reserves the right to restrict, reduce, or suspend an employee’s work time in order to meet the SURS earnings limitations.

Failure to notify the College of any SURS earnings limitations or Affected Annuitant status that creates a financial obligation to the College will become the responsibility of the individual.