Employment of Relatives

adopted: Mar-1976
last revised: Feb-2019

The College has no general prohibition against hiring relatives of other employees. However, a few restrictions have been established to avoid compromising the integrity of the College's management structure.

While the College will accept and consider applications for employment from relatives of current employees or from individuals with close personal relationships with employees, these individuals will not be hired or transferred into positions where they directly or indirectly supervise or are supervised by another relative or intimate regularly residing in the same household. Relatives or intimates will not be placed in positions where they work with or have access to sensitive information regarding relatives or close family members or if there is an actual or apparent conflict of interest. Further, if two employees are relatives or have a close personal relationship and they are placed in a supervisory relationship to each other, they are required to bring that relationship to the attention of Human Resources within 5 business days of placement into the position.