2.6.1 Purchase of Supplies, Materials, and Equipment

adopted: Nov-1975
last revised: Sept-2017

The College will provide needed supplies, materials, equipment and contracts for work to support the educational programs of the College District through the use of sound, efficient, and effective purchasing procedures that are in compliance with The Public Community College Act and Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board.

All purchases and other procurements of equipment or services shall be processed through the College’s central purchasing system. All decisions in awarding contracts or purchases shall be made without prejudice or favoritism. Awards shall be made on the objectively determined merits of each acquisition action such as vendor compliance with specifications, compatibility of the item, price, delivery deadline, service, and other terms and conditions. No employee shall knowingly commit the College to any purchase or agreement that would result in a conflict of interest. Accordingly, no purchase contract or order shall be executed with a person or entity having influence over the purchase or procurement decision.

The Board authorizes the College President or designee appropriate Vice President to award contracts in accordance with the Illinois Public Community College Act (110 ILCS 805/3-27.1-2). The Board charges the Administration with the responsibility and delegates the Administration the authority to develop appropriate guidelines, regulations and procedures to implement this policy.