2.5.7 Meetings and Official Functions

adopted: Nov-1975
last revised: Feb-2017

Expenditures for meetings, events, or other official functions may be paid for with College funds provided that those functions support the purposes and mission of the College. The College President or the Vice Presidents shall, in advance, approve all expenditures for these purposes. Authorized expenditures are categorized as follows:

  1. Official Institutional (In House) Committees and Advisory Groups
    1. Working luncheons and dinners, for a restricted number of staff members, internal committees, and advisory groups who are required to attend essential meetings during a meal period or outside of normal duty hours.
  2. Official External Committees, Advisory Groups, and Guests
    1. Meals for unpaid educational advisory groups from area business, industry and the private sector, and appropriate staff members who are required to attend advisory meetings.
    2. Meals lodging, and transportation for state officials, representatives of accrediting agencies, official guests of the College and appropriate staff members when required to attend these functions.
  3. Miscellaneous

In no case will Meetings and Official Functions Expenditures be permitted for:

  1. Expenses for employees related to membership in local clubs, social or private community organizations. Although the College does support participation of the faculty and staff in charitable and service organizations, the membership expense is an individual responsibility.
  2. Dues for individual employees to professional organizations. However, when the College may receive the same benefits through an individual membership for an employee, the expense may be approved as a College expense.
  3. Meals and other expenses for meetings and/or events that are personal in nature that will result in little or no value to the institution.