2.5.2 Reimbursable Rates

adopted: Nov-1975
last revised: Sept-2017

The Board shall annually approve a schedule of maximum allowable travel expenses for the upcoming calendar year no later than December 31 of each year.

The College shall reimburse permitted travel expenses as set forth below.

Maximum Reimbursable Rates for Transportation

Air Travel Lowest reasonable rate
Auto IRS Standard Mileage Rate at time of reimbursement
Rental Car Lowest reasonable rate
Rail or Bus Lowest reasonable rate
Taxi, Shuttle, Rideshare or Public Transportation Actual reasonable rate

Maximum Reimbursable Rates for Meals

Breakfast $12.00
Lunch $20.00
Dinner $35.00

Maximum Reimbursable Rates for Lodging

Major Metropolitan Areas $300.00
Other Locations $190.00