1.14 Appearance of Citizens Before The Board

adopted: Nov-1975
last revised: Feb-2015

It has been and is the intent and purpose of Richland Community College to provide a forum for citizens of the Richland Community College District to express their views, opinions, and concerns about the College to the Board of Trustees.

It is not intended that matters be brought before the Board by employees or individual citizens that can or should be handled through administrative procedures.

To further this intent and purpose, and to provide for an orderly procedure, the following guidelines are hereby established:

  1. Appearance may be made only by individual citizens or as a representative of an organization. The citizen shall identify himself or herself and the organization being represented, if any.

  2. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees shall allot a specific time period for citizens to appear and express their views before the Board of Trustees.

  3. Each citizen who appears will be limited to five (5) minutes.

  4. The Chairman may shorten or lengthen a citizens’ opportunity to speak.

  5. All citizens are to conduct themselves with respect and civility toward others.

  6. The Board of Trustees may respond to any views expressed by any citizen appearing under this procedure. Responses may be provided, in writing, within two business days.

Residents of the College District wishing to address the Board are to contact the Office of the President not later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date of the Board meeting setting forth with reasonable particularity the matter or matters to be addressed. Any citizen who desires to appear shall complete a comment card prior the start of the Board meeting.