1.12.1 Electronic Meetings

adopted: June-2022
last revised: June-2022

A member of the Board of Trustees may participate electronically by a speaker phone or similar device that is audible to the audience. The following rules apply:

  • A quorum of the Board must be physically present at the actual location of the meeting. Absent members may not “call in” to make up a quorum.
  • An absent member may be permitted to participate electronically only if he or she is prevented from physically attending the meeting due to
    • Personal illness or disability;
    • Employment purposes;
    • Business of the public body;
    • A family emergency or other emergency
  • A member who wishes to attend electronically must notify the Chairman of the Board before the meeting unless it is “impracticable” to do so.
  • All meeting minutes must reflect whether a member is present physically or electronically.